Best SEO Tools in 2021

SEO Optimization is not that easy to hack, more so if you are new in the game. It requires expertise, and fortunately, there are SEO tools that can make the work easier. They come in handy, especially when it comes to keyword search as well as data analysis. They also help know what is driving in more sales and what needs a re-strategy.


This is an SEO keyword tool rated just after google. With its Ahrefs site Audit feature, you can know the sections of your website that need more work. It also helps the user to look at the backlinks of a business competitor, which allows in visualizing your brand.


This is a marketing SEO tool that helps in determining your rankings, look at the changes, and also spot new opportunities in terms of ranking. Besides, it has the Domain vs. Domain feature that enables you to compare your website versus your competitors from all angles, from the traffic to the search data.

Google Search Console

The google search console allows you to closely monitor your website’s presence and give reports via Google SERP. The good news is that it’s free to all website owners. For it to work, however, your website has to be verified and via Google Analytics or ensuring your website has a code and forwarding it for indexing to the sitemap.